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Career development
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Sun Paper will gradually improve the management mechanism of technical talents, set up and better a scientific selection mechanism and technical talent evaluation and assessment system, and put in place a flexible talent management system. We will establish position design mechanisms in three major sequences, namely the one of leadership and management, one of specific technologies and one of operation, so that employees will have room for progress and opportunity for promotion in all positions.

Establishing the career development mechanism is an important way to improve the employee incentive mechanism. For many years, Sun Paper has carried out the selection of top technicians, internal granting of professional title in the instrument and electrical field, and rating of machinery and equipment skills. To effectively improve the determination of rank of functional departments, Sun Paper divides them into four ranks and evaluates them regularly. The company encourages frontline employees to study hard, improve their performance and become technical experts in the position and specialists in the company. 

Sun Paper will evaluate and determine the professional rank of other functional departments as well as the trial professional title of workshop operators in a well-planned and step-by-step manner, and eventually set up a career development mechanism covering all employees, all tiers and all sequences. Sun Paper encourages employees to be dedicated to their position, keep improving their skills and performance, and make greater contributions to company development while fully realizing their personal values.